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As Owner-operator of CJS Landscaping, I've enjoyed 6 years creating and watching our small family company grow to the position we are today. Now, I'm excited to begin looking for greater opportunities to expand our company even further.

KNOWLEDGE OF THE INDUSTRY: My years as Landscape Architecture and Groundkeeper, gave me excellent insights into the ins-and-outs of what it takes to succeed in the industry. This is what actually inspired me to become the sole owner-operator of CJS Landscaping. Im excited to zero in on a particular product or service that I become an expert on rather than juggling multiple roles/specialties.

HISTORY: CJS Landscaping was created in 2017 as a small family company focusing on brining back the landscapes that were once thriving in Brampton. With the population aging and new comers unable to maintain the landscapes as they use too, this is where CJS Landscaping realized that there was desperate need for residential landscaping services. With the wide range of services CJS covers, we started transforming one property at a time as we continued to exceed all expectations of our customers. As we continue to build relationships with you and your landscape for years to come, CJS is always looking for the next challenge to overcome!

LONG TERM RELATIONSHIP BUILDING: One of the great things about sale in the Landscaping Industry was the ability to build long-term business relationships with clients. I've experimented both in-person and remote networking and relationship building and am an expert in maintaining positive experiences even in the most difficult of negotiations.

MEET THE MANAGER: As the owner of CJS Landscaping there's never enough time in the day to complete the day to day tasks, required to keep a small business running smoothly. I could be answering endless question about maintenance on a cold call, or transferring 5,000 pounds of stone into a backyard. Whatever it takes, we have the skill and speed to get the job done right and on time!

SPECIALTIES:  Here at CJS Landscaping we are constantly striving to deliver only the very best landscaping services in Brampton and surrounding area at the best possible prices! In need of landscaper in Brampton? Receive a free estimate! Call Now: (905) 783-3578 Or Email: We would love to hear from you and would greatly appreciate your feedback! Leave us a honestly friendly review so we can further improve our services for you! Have any questions regarding our services? Contacting us is a click away and will happily provide you with a free consultation.

Seasonal Services Offered 
Lawn Care | Property Maintenance

Seasonal Clean Ups

Hedge Management

Mulch Installation | Weed Prevention

Brush Removal | Landscape

Hardscape | Flagstone

New Stone Installation 

Lawn Renovation | Sod Installation

Retaining Walls | Material Hauling

All General Garden Services

Powerwashing | Snow Removal


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